Propane gas for heating, BBQ, fireplace and more

Propane gas bbqOver the course of the last few years, Propane gas has become increasingly popular in the Quebec residential market as people discover barbecues, cooking ranges and fireplaces. Propane gas fireplaces and stoves have been a resounding success because they heat more evenly and more efficiently than wood-burning hearth products.  Barbecues bring to mind the great outdoors and all the fun we can have in the sun or its convenient use on those numerous occasions when we have a power outage in Quebec.

Propane appliances offer homeowners reliability, consistent heat, cleanliness and improved performance. In addition, propane appliances require little maintenance.  It is recommended, however, that an annual verification is performed on outdoor equipment and installation.  Check for spiders.  Spiders make their homes in the venture tubes that extend under the burners in your barbecue.  Have your indoor appliances such as your fireplace inspected every 4-5 years.  Your propane range does not require any specific maintenance.

Heating with propane entails lower energy costs than heating with electricity by an average of up to 25%