Company history

partenaireGaz Propane R. Lefrançois

Founder: Mr. Ronald Lefrançois

The company Gaz Propane R. LeFrançois was founded in September 1972 by Mr. Ronald LeFrançois.  In the early 80’s, Mr. LeFrançois became ill and decided to sell some of his operating territories.  His son André stepped in and bought one operating territory.  Meanwhile, his eldest son Normand, a professional hockey player, had signed with the Toronto’s Maple Leafs.  Shortly before their father passed away, Normand decided to also buy one operating territory.  In September 1985, André partnered with Normand and they named their new venture Gaz Propane N.R.J. Inc.

The new company dedicated itself to servicing forklifts propane cylinders, heating appliances for commercial and industrial uses.  The company also delivered propane to home owners for their barbecue and outdoor activities.

Even during the economic conditions of the time, it wasn’t long before the business really started to take off and be on the path to successful growth through new acquisitions and expansions.

 Équipement de camping Monin

Founder: Mr. Michel Monin

Equipement de camping Monin, a retail store, was bought in 1987.  Five years later, they sold the retail store and it is then that Gaz Propane N.R.J. acquired Sans-Cartier Propane.

 Propane Raymond Inc.

Founder: Mr. Jean-Guy Raymond

Propane Raymond was created in 1970.  Founded by Mr. Jean-Guy Raymond, this company is well known among Les Moulins Region’s people ‘Les Moulinois’. Propane Raymond established on St-Louis Street in Terrebonne had been in operation for 45 years servicing mainly commercial market.  Mr. Raymond offered to sell his company to Normand and in 1996 the transaction was finalized and Gaz Propane Raymond (1996) inc. was born.

 Propane J.M.A.D. Inc.

Founders: Mr. Jean-Marc Bouvrette and Jean Bouvrette

Created in 1990 by Jean and Jean-Marc Bouvrette, Propane J.M.A.D. services the Laurentian Region.  The company is active in both residential and commercial markets.  In 2001, Mr. Jean Bouvrette calls Normand to see if he would be interested in buying his company.  In May 2001, Gaz Propane N.R.J. acquired Propane J.M.A.D. and merged it with Gaz Propane N.R.J.

While coping with considerable growth, Normand and André want to keep their business a family business so they divided all management responsibilities among family members.  Normand, the President, is responsible of all administrative aspects of the business and Sales and Marketing.  André, Secretary-treasurer, is also responsible for machinery, vehicles maintenance and general operations of both companies. Marc, their youngest brother, is employed as a driver.

The old saying “Standing still means going backwards″ is part of the LeFrançois’ daily lives.

The success of the company is not only attributable to the managers; it rests also on the excellent work accomplished by 15 employees.  Some of them count many years of experience, and their expertise largely contributes to the continued success of the company. Using three service trucks, our certified technicians Denis and Marcel are taking care of every aspect of our customers’ installations and repairs.  The company also owns and operates a fleet of six tank trucks to deliver propane. Our deliverymen Sylvain, Daniel, Marc, Sébastien, Stéphane and Claude are on the roads covering all of our territory which extends from Montreal to Laval and from L’Épiphanie up to Ste-Adèle.  We serve a fast growing territory that is constantly reshaped year after year.

The knowledge and experience of the Lefrançois family in the propane industry mean most definitely a token of confidence to their many customers.

In December 2001, the brothers moved the company to new and bigger premises.  The building of 5,600 square feet sitting on a land of 400,000 square feet is located on Antonio-Héroux Street in the very heart of the Industrial Park of Terrebonne. The proximity of the major highways offers a tremendous location advantage for the company.  The state of the art infrastructure includes 3 storage tanks of 62,000 US gallons,  60,000 US gallons and 30,000 US gallons respectively.  Our commitment to our customers is to exceed their expectations in a personalized and amicable way.  From their office, where courtesy is fundamental, Rosemary at the reception, Christine in the accounts payable, Shirley in the accounts receivable and André and Normand at sales are always available to answer our customers’ questions.

 Pro Carbur inc

Founder: Mr. Daniel Clément

Created on April 16, 1989 by Mr. Daniel Clément, located in the heart of Montreal North. The majority of its clients work mainly in the residential sector and accumulate more than 4,000 clients in sectors similar to those of Gaz Propane Raymond; in addition to expanding the network to Mont St-Hilaire on the South Shore of Montreal.

IN 2016 Mr. Clément contacted Normand and André Lefrançois advising his intention to sell his business. The acquisition will take place on May 1, 2017. Only two employees will join our team; Marcel as installer and Claude as driver.