Propane tank installation

Propane installationTips for residential customers for propane installation

  • Your new propane appliance should be installed only by duly trained and certified technicians.
  • Make sure you receive a copy of the Propane safety check report certifying that the installation complies with the Régie du Gaz safety regulations.
  • Prior to any new installation, it is essential that you enquire about your municipal requirements.
  • Always have your gas distributor’s phone and address handy.

For emergencies, call your propane retailer or a qualified service technician and describe the problem.  If you smell gas, act immediately by turning off the main gas supply valve on your propane tank.

No other propane suppliers enjoy the reliability and professional service that we are known for.  Our 6 propane trucks deliver to various sectors.  Our outstanding delivery service is almost entirely on calls.  We ask that residential customers call us when their gauge reads 30%.  We will deliver within the next 48 hours.

Our service/installation personnel is composed of professionals with expansive technical backgrounds.  Our technicians have over 45 years of combined experience to offer our customers.

We offer our commercial customers exceptional propane forklifts carburetion service.  Our refuelling service is adapted to our customers’ needs and we can refuel onsite up to 5 times a week.  We also provide rental service for 33.3 lbs cylinders and storage cages. Our commercial space heating customers choose us because of our very competitive prices and our automatic delivery schedules.

For the food service industry, Propane Raymond is the first name that comes to Moulinois’ mind.  In business for more than 45 years, with a trustworthy repair service, Propane Raymond’s customers rely on us to keep their businesses running and we have responded by offering restaurants automatic deliveries of gas.  No other sector knows propane better than the food service industry.  Restaurants choose propane because of its consistent, clean, efficient and dependable cooking.

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